Elon and Twitter’s will-they, won’t-they (and other TC news)

This week on The TechCrunch Podcast we talked with Dom about how conservative VCs are using their dollars to shape the world, and we spoke with Taylor about how the Musk train just keeps on rumbling along.

On the topic of billionaires…

“A big chunk of the conversation that is missing is just that it’s all about money, and that the economics of everything is what really drives politics and the motivations of politicians. So just monitoring how these ultra-conservative multibillionaires are wielding their money is just something to shine a light on, as to what the future could be,” says Dom in the episode. “If the people who have all the money are the ones shaping the future, then where does that leave the rest of us, who can’t compete with that?”

And on the topic of Musk…

“Elon Musk is like ‘I’ll buy Twitter, after all,’ just a total about-face. The letter to Twitter has been filed with the SEC. Now, the SEC is a big deal, it can fine you, it’s a really serious regulatory agency. With almost any other figure in tech, like that would mean it’s a done deal. You tell the SEC something, you have to do it,” says Taylor. “But it’s Elon Musk, like he doesn’t give a shit about the SEC. He doesn’t care about anyone. He’s rich enough not to have to care.”

It was beyond awesome to host both of them on the podcast, and you can listen along on all of your favorite podcast platforms… or just hit play below to listen to the dulcet tones of microphone-mumbled news goodness right here in your browser.

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