Tatsumeeko strikes partnership with Immutable X to enhance its gameplay

Tatsumeeko, a role-playing game on Ethereum and Solana created by the team behind Discord chatbot Tatsu.GG, announced today it has struck a partnership with Immutable X (IMX). The partnership’s goal is to enhance Tatsumeeko’s gameplay experience by focusing on trackable ownership and transfer of in-game assets.

Immutable X is a layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution that powers web3 games. It will facilitate Tatsumeeko’s virtual land sale, called Aethereal Parcels, on October 20. The game’s CEO and creative director David Lim said the partnership will result in a more secure and streamlined player trading experience with options to hide or display Tatsumeeko’s crypto layers and use credit cards for digital asset purchases.

It will also help differentiate Tatsumeeko from other GameFi projects by focusing on experience instead of enabling play-to-earn mechanisms. Lim said that MMORPG players often purchase in-game assets on “real money trading” websites, where they are vulnerable to scams. In turn, this negatively impacts user experience.

“With IMX as our technical partner for on-chain infrastructure and support, we can make this process transparent and secure by bringing it in-house to provide our players with true digital asset ownership,” Lim added. “This enables trustless transactions and transfers of valuable digital items amongst players for low fees while at the same time contributing back to the game’s ecosystem.”

Tatsumeeko’s role-playing game takes place in a world called Ielia, where players can fight against monsters, build communities and meet other gamers. It is also meant to be an introduction to crypto and NFTs, with NFT projects that integrate directly into Tatsumeeko through its Discord. Last November, the game launched Meekolony Pass, a series of 10,000 genesis NFTs on Solana that give holders benefits, rewards and airdrops for their items in Tatsumeeko.

In a statement, Immutable X co-founder Robbie said “Tatsumeeko is focused on engaging with gamers and active community members where they already are. Tatsumeeko is using blockchain technology creatively to streamline their gameplay and players experience. I’m looking forward to partnering with Tatsumeeko as Immutable X brings the next billion players to Web3.”

Tatsu.GG, the Tatsumeeko team’s first project, now has over 62 million users and 1.4 million unique communities in Discord. Tatsumeeko announced in July that it has raised $7.5 million co-led by DeFiance Capital, Delphi Ventures and BITKRAFT Ventures.