Veterinary telehealth service Vetster launches in the UK post expansion in the US

Vetster, a veterinary telehealth service which has raised $40 million, is launching in the U.K. following expansion in the U.S.

Vetster connects licensed veterinarians with pet owners via video, voice and online chat.

It hopes to fill a yawning gap in provision. In the U.K. one in two veterinary clinics are overbooked and unable to take on more patients, according to research.

Vetster commissioned research through 3Gem with 150 vets in March 2022 and found vets are overwhelmed with pets, overbooked and unable to take on new patients. And many are looking to quit. So the telehealth industry is probably arriving just in time.

Mark Bordo, CEO and co-founder of Vetster said, “Veterinarians are facing tremendous pressure to provide services to millions of pet owners. Vetster’s virtual care platform connects pet owners with licensed U.K. veterinarians to provide support when their clinic is closed, to answer a non-urgent question and to improve the health outcomes of their pet and help ensure owners can care for their animals.”

The pet telehealth service has been live in North America for over two years.

Vetster raised $30 million USD in its Series B funding in April 2022.

Competitors include Televet (raised $7 million), Dutch ($25 million) and Pawp ($17.5 million), among others.