SureImpact wins the TC City Spotlight: Columbus Pitch-Off

I’m excited to announce SureImpact won today’s City Spotlight: Columbus pitch-off! Winning a free exhibition space at TechCrunch Disrupt 2022 and a spot in TechCrunch Startup Battlefield 200, the Ohio-based company pitched alongside Skuld and Healia Health on TechCrunch Live earlier today.

Founder and CEO Sheri Chaney Jones pitched to two fantastic judges — Anna Mason (Managing Partner, Rise of the Rest Seed Fund at Revolution) and Parul Singh (General Partner, Initialized Capital).

In four minutes, Chaney Jones explained how SureImpact modernizes the social service and social impact sectors. With a case management-based integrated platform, SureImpact’s SaaS platform allows both the organization and its funders to clearly understand key impact metrics and ROI — in real time and with less demand on nonprofits.

Historically, organizations relied on top-level impact metrics to share with those that contribute into the organization. With the increasing demand in real-time social impact data, nonprofits are required to elevate their tracking and reporting capacities. SureImpact solves the technology gap with automated data collection and impact evaluation capacity that connects all players in the social impact ecosystem.

Chaney Jones says nonprofits no longer need to “waste time manipulating reports for their funders, and wasting funders’ time by having to wade through grant narratives and aggregated data to understand their collective impact.”

The company says it developed the product with 10 paid beta customers, paying $15,000 annually. After launching in February 2020, the company touts a whopping 220 organizations on its platform, across 50 U.S. markets. SureImpact has raised approximately $1.6 million in funding from a variety of angels and VCs.

An expert in her own right, Chaney Jones has more than 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, as a serial social impact founder and working directly with mission-driven organizations.

Special thanks to the wonderful judges and the founders who took the stage with fire and pitch mastery.