Blueland takes its ‘don’t ship water’ model to body wash

To date, Blueland, fresh off its $20 million fundraise back in February, has mostly been focusing on home cleaning products. Today, the innovative cleaning company launches a new product that helps you be as clean as your house, embracing the same “hey, let’s not ship water if we can avoid it” model as its domestic cleaning product.

The brand is launching a refillable body wash. It’s a gel cleanser that comes as a powder. The first time you order, you can get a Forever Bottle, along with a sachet of powder. Add it to water and shake, leave it for an hour or so to “activate” and it’s ready to go — all while eliminating plastic waste and without having to spend the extra resources shipping water from the manufacturer to your door.

The company says its product is “formulated for people and the planet, using only natural and safe ingredients like Oat, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Kaolin Clay and Coconut Acid.” Further bolstering its environmental cred, it is sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, aluminum and silicone-free, and doesn’t include dyes or petroleum-based ingredients.

Blueland’s mission is to keep reducing our reliance on plastic; good thing, too — packaging is the largest generator (46%) of all plastic waste, and the personal care industry is among the largest producers, creating more than 120 billion units of packaging every year globally. Reusing just 10% of those products, we could prevent almost half of the annual plastic ocean waste.

“After conducting research to understand what products would enable us to have the largest impact on waste prevention, body wash rose to the top,” says co-founder and CEO Sarah Paiji Yoo. “Given the frequency and surface area body wash covers, we tend to cycle through it quicker. Tackling one of the highest frequency and bulkiest products meant we would have the ability to achieve the greatest impact in reducing single-use plastic with only a single product.”

Blueland’s body wash is available in three scents:Raspberry Hibiscus, Waterlily Dew and Sandalwood Sage.

The Body Wash Starter Kit retails for $16 and includes the reusable Forever Bottle and a powder refill pouch that makes 18 oz of body wash gel; additional refill pouches start at $9.

Update: An earlier version of this piece stated that the starter kit started at $18 – that was inaccurate. The correct price is reflected in the article above.