TechCrunch Live is now available as a podcast!

TechCrunch Live is a weekly event featuring experienced founders and successful investors and boring ol’ me. If you can’t join the event live (it’s free, btw), subscribe to the podcast. We just launched the first audio-only episode, and new episodes will be added weekly.

Each week, I have founders and investors at the live event to talk about building startups. Sometimes the founders bring pitch decks, and we walk through the slides. Sometimes we talk through early strategies, term sheets and finding investors. Last week Deel’s founder and a16z’s Anish Achary’s explained how Deel raised $629 million without a pitch deck. Next month, we’re featuring mobility startups. In June, TechCrunch Live is taking a virtual trip to Columbus, Ohio (more details later). Past founders include Rent the Runway co-founder Jenny Fleiss, Auth0’s Eugenio Pace, Snorkel AI’s Alex Ratner, and so many more. We’ve had investors from Index, a16z, Greylock, Lightspeed, Kindred Ventures and more.

I hope you can join us at next week’s event. If not, the audio-only version of the show will be available each Wednesday, following the live recording. If you join live, you can see and download the pitch, talk to other attendees and maybe participate in Pitch Practice. Each week, three startups are selected from the audience to practice their pitch with the founders and investors.

Register for the next show here! And subscribe to the podcast above. Please.

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