Google Fi drops prices for its unlimited plans and adds more data

Google Fi, Google’s cell network provider, has dropped the pricing for its mobile plans by $5 to $10 per month, depending on the customer’s plan.

The company decreased the price for its Simply Unlimited plan from $60 to $50 per line for one line, $45 to $40 a line for two lines, $30 to $25 a line for three lines and from $30 to $20 per month for four lines. These plans also come with 35 GB of high-speed data, an increase from 22 GB, and include 5 GB of hotspot tethering. The latter is a new addition to the Simply Unlimited plan.

Google Fi also announced updates to its Unlimited Plus plan, which offers the same features as the Simply Unlimited plan, along with additional perks, including unlimited hotspot tethering and 100 GB of Google One cloud storage. Google dropped the prices for this plan from $70 to $65 for one line, from $60 to $55 per line for two lines, from $50 down to $45 per line for three lines and from $45 to $40 each month for each line for four lines or more. Google also increased the monthly data package from 22 GB to 50 GB. This plan remains the best for international coverage, with calls to more than 50 countries and data in over 200 locations.

Customers should note, however, that Google Fi will throttle your data on its plans if you exceed the limits. Anyone who uses more than 15 GB on the pay-as-you-go plan (Flexible), more than 35 GB on Simply Unlimited, or more 50 GB on Unlimited Plus in a single cycle will experience slower data until the next cycle. Google notes that only 1% of Fi users ever hit 35 GB. Customers have the option to return to faster data before the cycle’s end a rate of $10/GB.

A comparison of the plans can be found here.

Google Fi’s initial plan was to provide a pay-as-you-go option for data. In 2019, Google turned that into an unlimited plan called Fi Unlimited, which it last year converted into the Unlimited Plus plan. The original pay-as-you-go offer is available in the Flexible plan, which charges $17 a line for four lines, and an additional $10 per GB of data. Google Fi has also added unlimited calls within Canada and Mexico to all three plans: the Simple Unlimited plan, the Unlimited Plus plan and the Flexible plan.

Google Fi is also offering promotions to new customers. Customers who don’t already have a Fi account can receive $100 in bill credit if they bring in their own phone and transfer their old number. New customers can also save on certain phones, including getting $500 off when purchasing and activating a Samsung Galaxy S22 or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G from Google Fi if they transfer their numbers.

Google Fi’s plans come with 5G and a built-in VPN, but its selling point may be the fact that it is flexible and contract-free, allowing users to pause and cancel easily, and switch plans once a month.