Amazon’s tech is headed to millions of Stellantis vehicles in 2024

Stellantis is turning to Amazon to bring a slate of connected in-vehicle products and services to its vehicles by 2024 as part of the global automaker’s plan to generate $22.5 billion annually from software.

The collaboration, which was announced Wednesday at the 2022 CES tech trade show, is supposed to touch nearly every aspect of Stellantis’ business. The companies said Amazon’s technology will be used to help Stellantis develop vehicles, build connected in-vehicle experiences and train the next generation of automotive software engineers.

As part of this multi-year deal, Stellantis has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its preferred cloud provider for vehicle platforms. Stellantis, which recently launched a software academy for existing and new employees, is also working with AWS to create a curriculum that will cover software, data and cloud technology.

Stellantis laid out its software plan in December, but didn’t mention Amazon at the time. The automaker has said it will invest more than $33.7 billion through 2025 into software and electrification. That investment will include employing 5,000 software engineers by 2024.

The automaker’s end goal is to have 34 million connected cars on the road by 2030 that Stellantis can generate revenue from for years after they’re sold to consumers. Stellantis is leaning on partnerships with BMW, Foxconn, Waymo — and now Amazon — to reach that target.

Stellantis’ plan to use software in its vehicles to sell passengers and drivers products and subscriptions involves three components that are already under development.

It starts with the underlying electrical and software architecture, which it’s calling STLA Brain. This system is integrated with the cloud and connects electronic control units within the vehicle to the vehicle’s central high-performing computer via a high-speed data bus. It will allow the company to upgrade software to vehicles “over the air,” or wirelessly.

On top of this “brain,” Stellantis has added its “SmartCockpit,” a platform built in partnership with Foxconn that will deliver applications to the driver, such as navigation, voice assistance, e-commerce marketplace and payment services. Finally, a third automated driving platform called “AutoDrive,” developed with BMW, will complete the automaker’s software plan.

Stellantis said Wednesday that it is working with Amazon to further develop the SmartCockpit platform to include applications that can deliver personalized in-vehicle experiences for the driver and passengers. Occupants in any of Stellantis’s 14 vehicle brands will be able to access an app store to find services and entertainment. The Alexa voice assistant will also be included in the SmartCockpit.

Amazon’s AI technology will be used to tap into and adapt to customers’ behaviors and interests. Stellantis said this might mean its Jeep vehicles might come with a digital off-road “coach” to help customers calibrate the vehicle and optimize performance before tackling tough terrain.

Vehicle software would also link up with other Amazon products such as smart home and services so users can monitor and manage their homes while in their car. It will also work in reverse. Users at home will be able to set the in-cabin temperature before getting into their vehicle by giving a command to their Alexa-enabled devices at home or their Alexa smartphone app.

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