Ford to triple production capacity for the all-electric Mustang Mach E by 2023

Ford plans to increase production of the all-electric Mustang Mach E next year with the goal of tripling its current capacity by 2023 to meet “incredible demand,” CEO Jim Farley tweeted late Friday.

This is the first time the automaker has provided specific outlook for the Mustang Mach E.

Ford said in November that it would increase its production capacity of electric vehicles to 600,000 units globally by 2023 — a goal that would be spread across the Mustang Mach E, F-150 Lightning and commercial E-transit vans. If Ford hits that 600,000 figure it would double the number it had expected to produce over the next two years.

The tweet from Farley reads: “It’s hard to produce Mustang Mach Es fast enough to meet the incredible demand, but we are sure going to try. So starting in 2022 we are increasing production and expect to reach 200,000+ units per year for North America and Europe by 2023. That’s 3X our 2021 output.”

Ford confirmed to TechCrunch that it will be able to increase production capacity of the Mustang Mach E by building some of the vehicles at its factory in Cuautitlan, Mexico.

The tweet came the same day that Automotive News reported Ford was delaying the start of production of battery-electric versions of the Explorer and Lincoln Aviator crossovers by about 18 months, according to memos sent to suppliers and viewed by Automotive News. The EV versions of the Explorer and Aviator were supposed to be assembled at its Cuautitlan, Mexico factory.

Ford has previously said it expected sales to be around 50,000 Mustang Mach E vehicles for the first year of production (MY 2021) in North America and Europe. Ford has sold 15,602 Mach Es in Europe through the end of the third quarter and 24,791 through end of November in the U.S., according to the company’s latest sales data. At 40,393 vehicles to date, the company should hit its 50,000 sales goal.