An early-stage founder shares the benefits of attending TC Sessions: Space 2021

It takes such a galactic amount of time, effort and expense to build a successful space startup, that you might find it difficult to justify carving out two days to attend TC Sessions: Space 2021 on December 14-15.

Here’s the thing. This event places you and your startup in the orbital path of the most influential people in the space ecosystem. The check-writers, the potential partners and customers that are essential for your ultimate success — all of them focused on pushing the boundaries of the space economy.

We can lather-rinse-and-repeat that fact from here to Alpha Centauri and back, but it might be more helpful to hear a testimonial from one of your own.

But first: Buy your pass today, and you’ll save $100 with the general admission price.

Now, let’s hear more about why one space CEO says attending TC Sessions: Space 2021 is an excellent use of your time, energy and budget.

Brian Manning, the co-founder and CEO of Xona Space Systems, an early-stage startup focused on precision LEO satellite navigation services, attended TC Sessions: Space 2020, our inaugural space conference. Here’s what he had to say about the overall experience.

TC: Why did you decide to attend and exhibit at TC Sessions: Space 2020?

BM: Our company was very new at that point, and our main goal was to gain exposure and to make connections. We also believed the event speakers and presentations would bring a great crowd of both potential investors and customers. We were excited about exhibiting and pitching.

TC: How did that pitching opportunity come about?

BM: We were one of 10 startups chosen by Starburst Aerospace — a global space accelerator — to participate in a pitch-off called Pitch Me to the Moon. It was a great opportunity to pitch live to a panel of high-profile judges from across the industry. We won the pitch-off and, along with terrific exposure, we received a strategy session with Starburst, free tickets to Disrupt 2021 and a podcast interview.

TC: Can you talk a bit about your networking experience?

BM: Last year everything went into virtual mode, which made 2020 interesting for events. The conference went well, and TechCrunch handled the setup and all the networking breaks cleanly. Networking virtually is always a challenge, but we did have several useful, spontaneous conversations.

TC: What, if anything, came as a result of attending TC Sessions: Space 2020?

BM: The event directly led to conversations with several potential high-value customers. A few of them came from unexpected areas, which pleasantly surprised us. In the past year, we’ve run into quite a few people who mentioned they remembered us from the TechCrunch event. Overall, we received great exposure that was very relevant to our company.

TC Sessions: Space 2021 takes place on December 14-15. Buy your pass (or passes) and expose your startup to an astronomic dose of out-of-this-world opportunity.

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