Even Palm makes wireless earbuds now

If you had asked me the other week which consumer electronics companies have yet to get into the wireless earbud business, I probably would have stared at you blankly for a while. Over the past few years, it seems like everyone has launched at least one pair of Bluetooth buds. There was, however, at least one hold out.

Remember Palm? Or, more specifically, remember when TCL heloed launched a Palm rebrand, back in 2018? It arrived alongside an “ultra-mobile” device that was, at the very least, a novel addition to a world of look-alike phones. And, hey, it won the approval (and funding) of Splash Brother, Stephen Curry.

Image Credits: Palm

No word yet on whether we’ll be getting an update to the Palm PDA (pretty darn adorable), but the brand announced today that it too is getting into the fully wireless earbud game with the Palm Buds Pro.

The $129 buds (with a limited-time $99 price tag) most closely resemble a more aerodynamic pair of black AirPods. As the company notes, the rebranded firm has employed designers from Beats by Dre and Samsung for the new buds, which have “studio grade audio and enhanced bass” along with active noise canceling, per their description.

Image Credits: Palm

“The Palm Buds Pro’s biggest differentiator is the emphasis on studio grade audio and enhanced bass. Our engineers have also developed one of the most advanced Active Noise Cancelling and Environmental Noise Cancelling systems on the market,” says co-founder Howard Nuk in a release. “The Palm Buds Pro’s advanced 6-microphone Active Noise Cancellation system utilizes 3 individual microphones per bud, powering the most immersive sound experience, and providing the clearest calls in windy conditions on the market.”

The buds are up for preorder today and will go on sale November 9, along with a $15 silicone case. “The Palm Buds Pro are the go-to for all my training sessions,” Curry says in the release. And he’s one of the best at basketball, so make of that what you will.