WhatsApp is integrating its joinable calls feature directly into group chats

WhatsApp announced on Monday that it’s expanding its joinable calls feature to group chats. Joinable calls, which were first introduced in July, allow users to join an ongoing group call after it has begun. With this latest expansion, users can now call a WhatsApp group and join the call directly from a group chat window.

The company also notes that the call notification will now display the name of the group instead of the participants’ names. The ongoing call is shown in the chat list, so users can see which groups have live calls as soon as they open the app.

“We are making it easier to connect spontaneously with your groups. Join ongoing calls with your groups anytime, effortlessly and directly from the chat view with one click,” WhatsApp said in a statement. “With group calling growing in popularity, integrating joinable calls gives WhatsApp users a new spontaneous way to connect with their family and friends groups.”

Additionally, WhatsApp says the calls will now have a light distinct ringtone, making them feel “as light as sending and receiving a message.”

The Facebook-owned company has been rolling out several new features over the past few months to retain and attract new users. Most recently, WhatsApp announced that it’s beginning to roll out a new feature that will allow users to encrypt their chat history backup in iCloud or Google Drive. Although the company offers encrypted chats between users on its platform, users haven’t had the means to protect the backups of those chats stored in the cloud.

The addition of encrypted chat backups addresses a major loophole that has been exploited by governments in order to obtain private communication between users. WhatsApp says it’s providing this new feature to users in every market where the app is operational.