Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong might not be having fun at work, you guys

Will no one think of the billionaires?

Aside from billions of dollars of personal wealth and historically impressive levels of corporate control, what’s the point of being a successful tech CEO these days?

I’m not asking in the abstract. There are tweets.


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It’s easy to forget how lucky we are to have Twitter in the world. The company’s social media service has handed a digital megaphone to anyone who wants one, allowing you and me the chance to not only be expressive on a regular — obsessive, in my case, I know — basis, but also the opportunity to hear directly from folks who are otherwise ensconced behind walls of minders and communications professionals.

Not that I agree with what everyone says on Twitter, of course; I just like the chance to listen a bit, because it can be rather illustrative.

I enjoy the occasional Twitter threads from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong because they provide a neat, clear window into his thinking — not only what’s on his mind, but what he thinks could be solutions to the issues he sees. It’s useful as someone who writes about the business world where he holds influence.

And the crypto-focused exec had quite the thread earlier this week, digging into how large companies are treated in the United States.

To prevent criticism that I am misquoting the man, here’s the thread in its entirety:

There are a great many things to discuss in the above. As far as hot takes go, this is a collection of scorchers.