Peloton’s CEO and chief content officer are coming to Disrupt

It’s been a wildly unprecedented year and a half by any metric. The pandemic has utterly transformed many industries and made or broken others. In the world of technology, however, few categories were as well positioned to embrace a changed world than connected fitness.

The space was well on its way prior to the arrival of COVID-19, of course, and Peloton was largely seen as the tip of that spear. Founded in 2012, the company’s connected stationary bicycles have redefined the landscape for home workouts, through instructor-led live courses.

Demand for Peloton’s growing selection of fitness equipment saw a sharp spike as gyms all over the world shut down for indefinite periods, leaving many stuck at home to reimagine their workout experience.

But the period arrived with its share of challenges for Peloton’s executives. Increased demand saw the company battling supply chain issues, while in May, its treadmills were met with a pair of recalls over injury concerns.

On September 21-23 at Disrupt, Peloton CEO John Foley and Chief Content Office Jennifer Cotter will join us to discuss the company’s rise and successes and struggles amid the pandemic.

Foley is the former CEO of and, and former president of He co-founded Peloton in June 2012 and has served as CEO since its inception. Cotter joined the company in 2019 to oversee Peloton’s streaming content. Her background in television programming includes stints at the Home Shopping Network and Oxygen Media.

Foley and Cotter join a growing list of great guests, including Canva CEO Melanie Perkins, investor Chamath Palihapitiya, Calendly CEO Tope Awotona and Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield. Get your ticket for less than $100 for a limited time!