Rattle raises $2.8M from Lightspeed and Sequoia to modernize enterprise sales stack

Tech employees build amazing consumer-facing apps for the world. But for their internal communications, they are stuck using applications that don’t play well with one another.

This is a problem, as most employees at a mid-sized or large-sized firm spend a fourth to a third of their days on internal communication applications.

Now a San Francisco-headquartered startup is attempting to build software that makes it much more convenient to engage with business services.

Rattle is building a real-time and collaborative “connectivity tissue” to address the siloed nature of modern record-keeping and intelligence platforms, said Sahil Aggarwal, co-founder and chief executive of the eponymous startup, in an interview with TechCrunch.

“To use Salesforce, as an example, you are using it for two things: you’re writing data into Salesforce and you’re taking data out of it,” he explained. “What Rattle does is it enables you to send all the insights from Salesforce into a messaging platform and then lets you write data from within the messaging service back into Salesforce.”

Image Credits: Rattle

Rattle’s use case extends to even more services. It can recognize phone calls and prompt individuals to log that and pursue that opportunity on Slack.

“We started with integrating Slack and Salesforce, and now with their acquisition the idea has definitely gotten validated. It’s extremely transformational for companies,” said Aggarwal, who got the idea about this startup at his previous venture when an application he built for the internal team received great feedback.

The startup, which launched its offering in March, is already seeing over 70% conversion rate among enterprises that have given it a try. Rattle has amassed over 50 customers, including Terminus, Olive, Litmus, Imply and Parse.ly.

After implementing Rattle “[our] lead response time has gone down by 75% and key processes have sped up from days to minutes,” said Jeff Ronaldi, GTM Ops Manager at LogDNA.

The startup announced on Tuesday that it has raised a seed round of $2.8 million from Lightspeed and Sequoia Capital India. Amy Chang (EVP at Cisco & Disney board member), Ellen Levy (early investor in Outreach), Jake Seid (early investor in Brex & Carta), and Krish & Raman (the founders of unicorn SaaS firm Chargebee) also participated in the round.

“Businesses worldwide are mired in processes – from sales to marketing, HR, IT, and more. With increased digitization and remote work, processes and adherence thereof are only going to diverge over time,” said Hemant Mohapatra, partner at Lightspeed, in a statement. “The Rattle team impressed us by their unrelenting focus on the most important piece of this puzzle: the people caught in these processes. Rarely have we seen such intense customer love so early in a company’s life and are honored to go on this journey with Rattle together!”

The startup, which charges anywhere between $20 to $30 per user per month, plans to deploy the fresh funds to expand its product offerings including adding integration with more enterprise applications.