The mmhmm story and how it plans to spend its $100M

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For our Wednesday show this week, Natasha and Alex had prior Equity guest Phil Libin back for a chat. Libin was first on our show a while back to chat about his startup studio. But since then, he’s been a little busy.

You may recall that mmhmm, Libin’s project to build a better video communication service, raised $100 million the other week. And we here on the Equity pod made a little bit of fun at the number. It was just so very much money for a roughly one-year-old company. What was mmhmm going to use it for?

Well, Libin’s folks got in touch, and so we decided to just have him on to talk. And we wanted him back because he was one of the most memorable guests on the show, frankly, thanks to his candor the last time around.

So, what did we get into? A refresh on the mmhmm story, and notes from Libin about what’s ahead for his company. It certainly has the cash to pursue its vision. But as we learned, building software for a variety of platforms comes with challenges. Challenges that are ameliorated by having lots of smart staff. So, that’s where the money is going.

Regardless, it was sporting of Libin to come back for another chat. Equity is back Friday morning with our news roundup. Make sure to follow the show on Twitter — we’re doing the odd Twitter Space that you won’t want to miss.

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