SentinelOne’s upgraded IPO pricing is good news for Tiger, public markets and your local VC

As the second quarter races to a close, we’re down to the wire for IPOs looking to get out before June ends. One such company is SentinelOne, a cybersecurity startup backed by Insight Venture Partners, Redpoint, Tiger Global Management, Data Collective and Anchorage Capital, among others.

SentinelOne raised an ocean of capital while private, including nearly $500 million across two rounds in 2020. Its debut is therefore a huge liquidity event for a host of investing groups. And today, the cybersecurity unicorn had good news in the form of an upgrade to its IPO price range.

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Last week, The Exchange wrote that the company’s IPO would be a “good heat check for the IPO market” given its rapid growth and pace of losses. How investors valued it would help explain the public market’s current appetite for loss-making startups. Today’s news implies healthy appetites.

SentinelOne raised its IPO price range this morning from $26 to $29 per share to $31 to $32 per share, a sizable lift to its valuation and IPO raise.

This morning, we’re unpacking the company’s new valuation range, thinking about SentinelOne’s growth and revenue results compared to similar public companies, and working to understand if the company is inexpensive, neutrally priced or expensive compared to current comps. Sound fun? It will be!

What’s SentinelOne worth?

Recall that when SentinelOne last raised capital it was valued at $2.7 billion on a pre-money basis. The company was therefore worth just under $3 billion after the $267 million round. The unicorn is going to yeet that figure into space in its IPO, barring something catastrophic.

Its new IPO price range of $31 to $32 per share values the company on a much richer basis. With an anticipated simple share count of 253,530,006 after its IPO, inclusive of a private placement, the company would be worth $7.86 billion to $8.11 billion.