Domain experts wanted: Submit your guest articles to Extra Crunch

Guest articles are hugely popular with our startup audience — if the topics are right.

Prospective authors regularly ask us about which topics Extra Crunch subscribers would like to hear more about. Here are some pointers:

  1. How-tos: Generally, early-stage founders want the latest useful information about how to create a company, including fundraising, growth and team-building. What has been changing in your area of expertise that would surprise people who have done a startup or two before?
  2. Market analysis: Our readers want to learn more about the latest developments in emerging technology sectors from people who have some sort of special viewpoint into the action. They want comprehensive posts that paint a clear picture of the companies, products and services that characterize individual tech sectors today. The focus can range from tech being applied to old-line industries or being used to create entirely new categories.

Ideas? Submit to

Right now, we are especially interested in submissions from authors who have expertise in the following subtopics:

Growth marketing

By definition, nearly every startup that has figured out its product-market fit is trying to grow fast. Our audience always wants to hear the latest ideas that they might be able to apply, too. Whether it’s related to SEO, content, email, social or other marketing channels, they’re looking for granular advice that can help them find and engage the right users. Founders and investors who have growth marketing experience will go to the front of the line.

Alternative fundraising

We cover a lot of venture capital, naturally, but we have also been covering the rise of alternative fundraising over the years, including revenue-based investing, crowdfunding, social and beyond. Founders in search of funding are generally open to new ideas and iterations, particularly from other founders and experts who are pioneering effective new concepts.

Quality of life

Tech has infused all parts of our lives and promises better answers for the physical world around us. But the hopes of today, from personal well-being to the prosperity of cities to a sustainable planet, often feel out of reach. We are especially eager for emerging solutions from industry experts in personal health, housing and transportation, and environmental and climate topics.

One final note: We only publish a handful of columns each week on Extra Crunch given our other editorial initiatives, but we would like to do more — especially with domain experts who are interested in contributing on a recurring basis. When working with repeat authors, we will also publish one-off articles about public-interest topics on TechCrunch without a paywall.