Cloud automation startup Spacelift raises $6M Series A led by Blossom Capital

Spacelift, a startup that automates the management of cloud infrastructure, has raised $6 million in a Series A funding round led by London’s Blossom Capital. Polish fund Inovo Venture Partners and Hoxton Ventures are also investing.

The Polish and U.S.-based startup is taking advantage of the opportunity presented by the increasingly complex cloud world, with what it dubs as an “infrastructure-as-code (IaC)” and a “policy-as-code” platform. This allows teams to automate processes, it says, in a more efficient manner without the risk of downtime.

Co-founder Marcin Wyszynski hit upon the idea after working for companies like Deliveroo in the U.K. and Berlin-based scooter operator TIER Mobility. The company is headquartered in Redwood City, California, with an additional office in Warsaw, Poland.

Wyszynski said in a statement: “The switch to using cloud servers and infrastructure as code has benefits for businesses but it has created new challenges for teams, particularly when they are distributed. The slightest mistake can cause major outages and downtime which is obviously bad for business. We designed Spacelift to minimize these issues, by providing automation, control, and visibility tools to teams wherever they are.”

Imran Ghory, co-founder and partner at Blossom Capital commented: “Managing infrastructure has been a persistent pain point for fast-growing teams and the need for specialized management tool platforms has been underlined by the fact that so many teams are now working remotely.”

Spacelift’s competitors include HashiCorp (which raised $349.2 million) and Scalr (raised $7.5 million).