Among Us launches on the Nintendo Switch

Surprise! Among Us is now available on the Nintendo Switch for $5.00. The Switch version features cross-platform play allowing PC, mobile and Switch players to play a game together.

The hit game just launched on the gaming platform after becoming a surprise hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally launched in 2018, the game found an eager audience during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and its popularity is still soaring.

There’s a good chance one of my kids is playing the game right now.

The news came from Nintendo’s latest Indie World Showcase, where the gaming company highlights titles from smaller companies. The company left this title for the end of the presentation. And for good reason. Among Us is without question one of the hottest titles available right now, attracting gamers from all platforms. Prior to the election Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used the game as a platform to drive voters to the polls and, at one point, drew 435,000 concurrent viewers.

The game costs $5.00 and is now available as a digital purchase through Nintendo’s eShop.