The $900 tCentric Hybrid chair is a solid Aeron alternative

Let’s get this out of the way: The Aeron is better. But not much, and that’s the story here.

The tCentric Hybrid starts at $900 and offers serious comfort and support for the tireless worker. There are endless adjustment levers, knobs and options. The chair is available for ordering with a bevy of accessories and add-ons. The one I’m sitting in has the optional headrest, which I’ve found comforting as I’ve spent hours behind my desk napping while I hide from my family.

The chair is built like a rock. It’s solid and heavy and pretty in an industrial way. The lumbar support is ample, and the seat has plenty of cushion — but not too much! — for my middle-aged backside. Please don’t mistake what I’m saying: This is not a lounge chair. This is an office chair, but it’s still comfortable.

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The Hybrid chair has all the options one would expect. Every bit is adjustable, including the lumbar support, which has an inflatable bubble that can be pumped up or released on demand. The arms are endlessly adjustable, too, nearly to the point of fault. There’s no way to lock the armrests in place.

I received this tester about two months ago and pushed aside my Herman Miller Aeron to test it. Do I like the tCentric Hybrid better? Not really. They’re about the same to me though it took about a week of fiddling to get the tCentric Hybrid to the same level as the Aeron.

The version I’m testing is outfitted with several add-ons and they’re wonderful. The company offers this chair with dozens of options. Need it taller? Okay, order a larger lift. Have long legs? It can be ordered with a longer seat. It’s available in a number of cushion options, too. You get the idea.

These chairs are built by ergoCentric in Mississauga, Ontario, and the company is expanding south into the American market. Chairs from ergoCentric are available through third-party retailers or directly from the company through a sales channel.

The Hybrid Mesh Back chair starts at $900, and that’s the rub. It’s nearly the same price as the coveted Herman Miller Aeron. I’ve used the chair for two months, and I’m not dying to switch back to my Aeron. Two months in, I’ve dialed this chair into a comfortable working throne and intend to keep using it for the foreseeable future. There are dozens of these Aeron alternatives on the market, and from what I’ve seen, the tCentric Hybrid is among the best thanks to its build quality.