Nanoleaf adds large and small triangles to its revamped Shape product line

Nanoleaf launched the next generation of its light panels in July. Called Shape, this new product looks like the company’s original offering, but sports better connectors, a simpler mounting solution, and most importantly, these panels can work with different shapes.

Today, Nanoleaf announced triangle panels, which join the hexagon shape that launched in July.

This is the first product line from Nanoleaf that can use two different shapes at the same time. The triangles are available in large and small sizes, and feature all of the functions found on other Nanoleaf panels including mirroring a screen and syncing to music. The panels also support Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit and Samsung Smartthings.

Unlike past Nanoleaf products, the panels in the Shape line connect using a rigid connector that snaps into place. The mounting solution is also improved, allowing users to install panels without having to screw each panel to the wall.

Here’s what we concluded when reviewing the hexagon panels in the new Shape line.

The Nanoleaf Hexagons are a terrific addition to the Nanoleaf lineup, and I think they’re the model that’s mostly likely to appeal to a much broader customer base when compared to the company’s existing options. I personally didn’t expect to be that big a fan of Nanoleaf in general — I’d never been more than mildly interested in their offerings before. But as soon as I powered on the Hexagon, I was amazed at how much I felt like they improved the aesthetics of the space.

The complete kits cost $199 for the full-size triangles and $119 for the minitriangles. Expansion packs are $59 and $119, respectively.