Formlabs announces a large-format medical and dental 3D printer

Formlabs was one of a few desktop 3D printing companies to weather the massive tech bubble a few years back. The Somerville, Massachusetts-based company set itself apart by bringing advanced industrial 3D-printing technologies to the consumer space. In recent years, the tech has also positioned the startup ahead of the competition when it comes to expanding into different manufacturing aspects.

Medical and dental have been two key targets. Products like prosthetics and retainers are two prime exemplars of products that can benefit from both customization and speedy manufacturing. Today, the company announced the Form 3BL, a medical and dental-focused take on the recently announced Form 3L, its $10,000 large-format stereolithography printer.

The Form 3BL shares most of the 3L’s specs, including a build volume that’s roughly five times larger than the standard Form 3 printer. The biggest differentiator is optimization for biocompatible materials. The system is designed to be used in-office for healthcare providers and dental providers to produce models and dental needs quickly in-house.

Also new today is the Wash L + Cure L, for treating large-scale objects after initial printing. That’s set to ship at some point in 2021. The Form 3L actually starts shipping today, meanwhile, and the 3BL is up for pre-order today and will ship at some point next month.