Nintendo’s latest trick is turning the Switch into an RC controller for an AR Mario Kart game

Nintendo never ceases to surprise with a seemingly infinite number of ways of transforming its most beloved IP. Hot on the heels of some truly impressive Super Mario Bros. Lego kits comes Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. The new toy is a clever mashup of real-life RC cars the Nintendo Switch.

Image Credits: Nintendo

The hybrid portable gaming system utilizes cameras on-board the Mario and Luigi karts to offer an on-screen augmented reality first-person racing experience. There’s a teaser video out now, highlighting the game:

As you can see, it offers a familiar Mario Kart feel overlayed on top of your home. There’s a pretty simple set-up process involved, with the user spacing out a series of gates to create a circular course — think of it like a far more fun version of setting up Roomba boundaries. Right now there are only two characters available — Mario and Luigi — each priced at $100. But up to four players can compete with the in-person mode.

Image Credits: Nintendo

From the videos, at least, it looks like a pretty rich experience right out of the box, combining real-world obstacles with familiar characters and environments like snowy levels and Piranha Plant-filled jungles.

Each kit includes one racer, four gates and two sign boards. They go up for pre-order soon and start shipping October 16.