USPS reportedly reassessing last-mile delivery deals with companies like Amazon

In a time when package deliveries are more essential than ever, the future of the United States Postal Service is very much in limbo. The president of the United States has waged a one-man war on America’s most-liked government agency, calling it a “joke” and insisting it raise prices before it receives the manner of bailout the White House has afforded to the airline and hotel industries.

The USPS’s contract with companies like Amazon has been a particular sore spot for Trump, who has had a longstanding beef with CEO Jeff Bezos. Trump has long accused the independent agency of giving the company sweetheart deals — an accusation the USPS has long denied.

Now, as the Postal Service attempts to reconcile with its future, it has reportedly sought to work with outside consulting firms to reassess its last-mile delivery contracts for the company, as well as parcel services like FedEx and UPS. The strategy was reported by The Washington Post, citing a half-dozen anonymous sources.

The moves come before Louis DeJoy steps into the role as postmaster general. DeJoy is a businessman who is a close ally of Trump’s, as well as the head of fundraising for the upcoming Republican National Convention in his home state of North Carolina. In short, he’s likely not the ideal person to have in charge if you’re looking to return to the USPS’s days as a thriving independent agency. Likely the Postal Service is looking to assess all possible options ahead of the change in leadership.

Neither the USPS nor the White House have commented on the reports.