JobHopin, a startup that wants to make job hunting in Southeast Asia easier, raises $2.45 million Series A

JobHopin, a Vietnam-based startup building an automated job-recruitment platform for Southeast Asia, announced today that it has closed a $2.45 million Series A. This brings JobHopin’s total raised so far to more than $3 million, from investors including SEMA Translink, KK Fund, Mynavi Corporation, Edulab Capital Partners, NKC Asia and Canaan Capital.

Founded in 2017 by CEO Kevin Tung Nguyen, JobHopin’s matching platform, called Bunny, uses machine learning to pair candidates with jobs. The company says there are about 60 million knowledge economy workers in Southeast Asia, and about 108 million job placements a year, but many positions take more than a month to fill on average, because many companies still do pre-screening work manually.

Bunny standardizes the language used in job descriptions and resumes for better data analysis, which is then used for to find promising candidates for open positions.

JobHopin also has a database of more than 1.4 million job candidates derived from online databases and 2,000 enterprise clients in Vietnam, and provides real-time market data analysis of salaries, talent supply (or the number of people qualified to fill certain roles) and hiring demand. Those features can be integrated into services like online education platforms, testing services and third-party job portals.

In a press statement, EduLab Capital Partners Liam Pisano said, “We are excited to now be part of the JobHopin story and lend our support. This is a company that is connecting the growing Vietnamese economy to a talented workforce, while finding ways to help the jobseeker improve their profile and bridge the skills gap.”