Fortnite hosted a psychedelic Travis Scott concert and 12.3M people watched

The idea of an in-game Travis Scott concert might seem a little silly — particularly if, like me, you’re not really a Fortnite player.

Yes, the popular multiplayer game has hosted other promotional events for movies and music. But even if all this COVID-19 imposed isolation has left you hungry for live performances, why not watch actual footage of Travis Scott in concert?

What Scott and Fortnite-maker Epic Games delivered, however, is a gloriously surreal “astronomical” event, with an enormous, kaiju-sized Scott avatar looming over players and teleporting around the venue while the visuals around him get increasingly psychedelic. It’s something that could only happen in a virtual concert, and that’s what makes it delightful.

Plus, the event was viewed by far more people than could ever pack into even the largest concert venue. Epic Games said 12.3 million concurrent players participated, a new record for the game.

You can watch for yourself in the video above, but if you want to actually interact with a giant Travis Scott while he sings “Sicko Mode,” Epic Games is planning encore events throughout the weekend.