Instacart announces new COVID-19 policies and plans to hire 250,000 more shoppers

Instacart’s aggressive hiring spree is continuing due to COVID-19 shelter in place orders. Today, the company announced it is adding 250,000 more shoppers to meet consumer demand, and to help the company return to “one-hour and same-day delivery,” according to a statement.

Along with the hiring announcement, Instacart is implementing a slew of new policies, including extended COVID-19 sick pay and bonuses for both part-time employees and full-service shoppers, and in-app check-ins for shoppers that need health and safety kits.

In just one month, Instacart has announced plans to grow its shopper network 250%.

In March, the company announced it will hire 300,000 new full-service shoppers on top of its existing 200,000 shoppers. It has since met that goal, and with today’s hiring news, Instacart’s shopper network will be 750,000 shoppers. The company also announced earlier this month that it is more than doubling its care team, from 1,200 agents to 3,000 agents.

The company’s recent hiring illustrates how essential businesses are disproportionately in demand while other companies struggle with layoffs.

Aggressive hiring and new policies could level out some of the stresses that Instacart shoppers have recently been inundated with from unprecedented demand from customers.

Last month, some Instacart shoppers went on strike, demanding the company provide personal protective equipment, add hazard pay of $5 per order, change the default tip minimum, extend the sick pay policy to those who have pre-existing conditions and more.

Instacart has responded to some of these demands. Last month, the company outlined an extended pay policy and contactless pay option. The company also introduced new product features aimed at making delivery windows for shoppers more flexible and fast.

While Instacart’s news today shows the company focusing on quality return to shoppers and customers, the existing damage control is not stopping the company from looking for new opportunities.

Last week, Instacart announced that it is jumping into prescription delivery with Costco