Check out the view from inside Boeing’s crew spacecraft during its orbital flight test

Late last year, Boeing flew a key orbital flight test of its Starliner commercial crew spacecraft, a key test prior to the vehicle being able to actually carry astronauts on board. That test didn’t go exactly as planned, as the Starliner didn’t rendezvous and dock with the International Space Station as outlined in the actual mission specs, due to a mission timer error, but a lot still went right, and cameras on board captured the whole flight.

Boeing cut together footage from each part of the flight (including immediately following the timer mishap), from cameras both trained on one of the capsule’s windows for an outside look, as well as interior angles that show the dummy astronaut used on the mission to see how a real human would fare on board. You also can see the secured cargo, as well as the Snoopy doll that acted as a “zero-G indicator” within the cabin.

Eventually, Boeing says it’ll release all of the footage capture on board during the mission, a good measure of transparency and the right move, given that the provider has to convince NASA and the general public that its commercial crew craft is totally safe for astronauts to climb aboard for their first orbital flight, which will hopefully take place sometime later this year.