GM to release an electric Hummer pickup, per report

General Motors could be bringing back the Hummer brand. According to this report by The Wall Street Journal, an all-electric Hummer pickup will be sold under the GMC brand and LeBron James is enlisted to help market the vehicle.

There are no details about the pickup’s capability, including electric range or seating capacity.

The move revives one of GM’s more controversial brands and pushes it in a different direction. The Hummer brand was often known for its large, quasi-capable SUVs. The Hummer H2 was the poster child for gas-guzzling vehicles in the early 2000s. The brand’s revival and electric revamp might confuse consumers accustomed with the Hummer of old.

The vehicle is set to be announced during the Super Bowl with an advertisement featuring LeBron James, the WSJ says. If that’s true, the auto maker is likely set to bring the model to market in a year or two. That’s along the same timeline as another classic brand goes electric — the Ford Mustang.