Mophie’s newest battery pack ships with jumper cables to start your car

As of this week’s CES, Mophie can add cars to the growing list of things powered with its battery line. It was a matter of time, I suppose. Certainly the company’s not the first to offer this level of charge in a portable power bank, but the new Powerstation Go brings an extra level of juice to its offerings.

The new brick is also unique in the Mophie line in its inclusion of mini jumper cables, which harness the weighty 44,400mWh of charge to jump start a car or SUV. Sounds like a pretty handy thing to toss in the back of a car, in case of emergency. And, honestly, the $160 price tag isn’t crazy, given Mophie’s usual premium over lesser-known battery companies.

But its position as a consumer electronics brand means the product is also focused on smartphones and the like. There’s a Qi charging pad up top for convenience. Obviously that’s not going to charge up your devices as quickly as wired methods, so there are two USB-A ports and an AC outlet so you can plug directly in.

Strangely, there are no USB-C ports on board. That certainly seems like an odd omission in 2020 — especially on a device that very much has a kitchen-sink approach to charging everything from phones to SUVs.

The bank is available online this week.

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