Burst adds a super high-tech dental floss to its dental care offerings

Burst, the subscription dental care service, with the pretty, pretty toothbrushes, has now added a sleek dental floss product to its monthly kits.

The Los Angeles-based dental hygiene company, which has raised at least $20 million in financing from the growth capital investment firm Volition Capital, takes a different approach to reaching consumers than competitors like Quip.

Burst works hand-in-hand with a network of dental hygienists and dental professionals both as a channel to sell through and a sounding board for new product development. The company’s dental health professionals who are part of its sales channel now totals more than 20,000 people. Burst shares profits with these channel partners and has distributed about $3.5 million through the program.

Indeed, it was through the network of experts that the company arrived at the design for its dental floss.

“While there was a clear gap in the market for an affordable but effective electric toothbrush, our incredibly strong partnership with dental professionals has been key to the success of Burst,” said Brittany Stewart, COO of Burst. “From development and testing, to sharing our products with their network, Burst’s Ambassadors have been part of the team every step of the way. We’re proud to have fueled a grassroots movement of independent dental professionals who are just as passionate as we are about modernizing a tired industry.” 

The new product is a $12.99 mint-eucalyptus-flavored, charcoal-coated dental floss that expands between teeth. Burst’s floss comes in a case for replacement bobbins, which can be delivered to a customer’s door for $6.99 per month.

“When we first met the founders of Burst, we immediately recognized they were tapping into something special in an industry that was ripe for disruption,” stated Larry Cheng, managing partner and co-founder of Volition Capital. “We were inspired by their vision and wanted to support the growth trajectory they were already on, capitalizing on their key strengths, such as product development and the Ambassador network, while identifying further opportunities.”