Blue Origin aims for a booster re-use record with New Shepard launch

[Update 2: Due to weather conditions not improving, Blue Origin scrubbed today’s launch and will attempt again tomorrow morning at a time to be determined later.]

[Update: Due to weather conditions, Blue Origin is now targeting 10:30 AM CST (11:30 AM EST/8:30 AM PST) for liftoff.]

Jeff Bezos-founded space company Blue Origin has a launch scheduled for today, with a liftoff window set for 8:30 AM CST (9:30 AM EST/6:30 AM PST) 10:30 AM CST (11:30 AM EST/8:30 AM PST). The launch live stream above will begin at around 30 minutes prior to liftoff.

The launch today will see a New Shepard rocket take off from the company’s West Texas launch facility. There’s a chance that weather won’t cooperate, and the team is monitoring conditions and will provide an update if they have to put off the launch to a later date.

This launch is notable for a few reasons, including that it involves a booster that has launched five times — making this a record sixth flight for one of the company’s re-usable booster stages. New Shepard is a suborbital launch vehicle, and will seek to deliver cargo including a number of scientific experiments as well as thousands of postcards from children who have submitted them through Blue Origin’s nonprofit Club for the Future organization, which aims to get kids in involved in space science and exploration.