Google acquires CloudSimple

Just a few months back, Google announced a partnership with a company called CloudSimple to help more enterprise teams move their on-site operations to the cloud. Now Google is outright acquiring them.

So what is CloudSimple? It lets businesses run VMware vSphere workloads on the cloud, allowing them to take their existing on-premises tools and databases and plug them into Google Cloud with minimal re-tooling.

As TechCrunch’s Frederic Lardinois wrote when the initial partnership was announced:

While Google would surely love for all enterprises to move to containers and utilize its Anthos hybrid cloud service, most large companies currently use VMware. They may want to move those workloads to a public cloud, but they aren’t ready to give up a tool that has long worked for them.

In addition to Google Cloud, CloudSimple also offered support for Microsoft’s Azure platform. It’s unclear if this support will continue post-acquisition; we’ve reached out to Google for more details. Update: Google has declined to comment, instead linking us to its blog post on the announcement (which makes no mention of Azure.)

Terms of the deal have yet to be disclosed.