Restaurants using the Ordermark order management service now get special deals from Uber Eats

In a new deal tying Uber Eats closer to the Los Angeles-based delivery management service Ordermark, the companies are offering special discounts to restaurants that use the service.

Uber Eats is giving all Ordermark restaurants a preferred fee rate, waiving the upfront set-up fee, and fully eliminating the need for the Uber Eats tablet in the restaurant, the companies said.

It’s a perk that should expand the footprint of Ordermark’s tablet delivery service, the company said.

“Our top priority at Ordermark is deepening technical integrations and partnerships with forward-thinking industry leaders, such as Uber Eats,” says Alex Canter, CEO of Ordermark. “We’re pleased to partner with Uber Eats as this relationship will translate directly into greater efficiency, more orders, and higher value for our restaurant partners nationwide.”