Calm and Room made a $4,000 branded ‘meditation booth’

Call it clever branding. Call it peak Silicon Valley. Either way, the Calm Booth by Room will run you $4,195. Perhaps it’s worth it for the peace of mind — and the dozen annual Calm subscriptions the companies throw in. I’m not going to tell you how to spend your hard-earned venture capital.

And I don’t know, if it means helping to chill out your overworked staff in a top of the line scream booth with frosted Calm-branded windows, there are probably worse ways to spend that money. Also, the soundproofing material is made from 1,088 recycled plastic bottles, so maybe you can help out some sea turtles as well.

Calm Green Forest Side open door 4 1

From the looks of it, the Calm Booth by Room is little more than a standard Room booth, with frosted glass, softer lighting and “a soothing misty forest interior” (read: pictures of trees). But it’s a pretty smart partnership between two white-hot startups. And anything designed to offer some relaxation and buck the open office trend surely has some merit, even if it’s not snark proof.

Update: The pricing as listed has been corrected to $4,195.