Get your immigration questions answered by expert lawyer Sophie Alcorn at Disrupt SF

If you’re a founder facing a tough immigration question, we have a special workshop session for you next week at Disrupt SF. One of our resident legal experts, Sophie Alcorn, is going to be hosting a special workshop where you can ask any immigration question you may have.

She’s the founder of Alcorn Immigration Law, which has burgeoned into a boutique immigration firm for Silicon Valley startup people — as the already tricky U.S. immigration laws have gotten more difficult to get through in recent years. She’s also one of the most-recommended people in our Verified Experts program, with dozens of founders giving us a recommendation for her.

Here are some of the main topics she’s planning to cover. Email so she can take a look at your questions beforehand:

  • How scaling tech companies can leverage immigration options to secure key talent
  • How startup founders can take immigration into their own hands to get visas and green cards (topics include: H-1B, O-1A, E-2, L-1A, EB-1A, EB-2 NIW, visa, work permit, green card, permanent residence, citizenship, spouses and children)
  • What VCs should look for in founders to ensure that they can legally build companies in the U.S. and won’t be subject to deportation

If you’re interested in participating in this or any of our other workshops, make sure you pick up a pass to Disrupt SF right here.

Note: The workshop is open to all attendees and is on the record. Please let us know in your submission if you are concerned that your question is potentially too sensitive.