Echo Glow is a $30 Alexa-powered glowing sphere

Out of all the hardware announced so far at this morning’s big Amazon event, the Echo Glow is perhaps the oddest entry. It’s a $30 colorful glowing sphere. Why? Because Amazon said so. Tapping the top of the device will cycle through a number of different colors. It can blink. It has a campfire mode.

Beyond that, I’m a little at a loss to explain why the thing needs to exist. But, then, this is the company that introduced an Alexa-powered Big Mouth Billy Bass. At this point, the Amazon team seems more intent on demonstrating all the different products that can work with the Alexa ecosystem — even those that aren’t particularly useful.

Anyway, here it is. It exists. And you can pre-order it today for $30. Once it arrives, let me know if you figure out what it’s for.