Echo Flex is a small, $25 Echo that plugs directly into the wall

I think we’re on Echo device number seven for the morning? Echo Flex is one of the more interesting additions at this morning’s big event in Seattle. For those cases where the Echo Dot isn’t cheap enough or versatile enough, there’s the Echo Flex. The device plugs directly into a wall outlet, bringing Alexa functionality to spots where the smart assistant otherwise couldn’t reach.

It’s an interesting solution to Amazon’s ongoing quest to get Alexa in every single room. In fact, the presenter mentioned adding one to his bathroom, which, yuck, to be totally honest. The device is small enough to only occupy a single outlet and features a slot to plug in an additional nightlight.

It’s a clever addition to the Echo ecosystem, and at $25, Amazon is bound to sell a lot of the things. Like just about everything else announced at this morning’s event, it’s available for pre-order starting today.