Stranger Things 3 racks up most viewers in first four days for a Netflix show ever

Netflix’s most recent season (serialized sequel might actually be more accurate) of Stranger Things is breaking records: The streaming company shared that 40.7 million accounts have been watching the show since it became available on the service on July 4. That’s more than any other Netflix show or movie in its first four days of availability on the service.

It’s also been deemed bingeworthy by a large number of those viewers, as Netflix also said that more than 18.2 million accounts (this means households, Netflix is keen to note, so actual viewer numbers could be much higher) have actually already finished the entire third season.

That means just about half of the accounts that have started the season have already finished all eight roughly hour-long episodes, just four days after it became available. I am among those people, in fact — though I was doing that in part because it was the topic of discussion for our most recent episode of Original Content.

For comparison’s sake, consider that HBO’s Game of Thrones finale managed about 19.3 million viewers for its first day, including live viewers, early time-delayed streams after the airing and replays.