Colonna call, timing a VC pitch, WeChat, patents, and growth

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Conference Call Today with VC and Coach Jerry Colonna

TechCrunch’s Silicon Valley editor Connie Loizos will be conducting an Extra Crunch exclusive live conference call with noted venture capitalist and long-time executive coach Jerry Colonna today at 2pm EST / 11am PST. Dial-in details have been sent to all subscribers.

For those joining, the two will talk about Colonna’s new book Reboot, his other projects, and of course questions from subscribers.

When is the right time to pitch VCs for funding?

DocSend is among the most popular tools used by founders seeking venture capital to send their pitch decks to VCs, but when do VCs actually read those pitches? DocSend CEO Russ Heddleston works through the data to find the patterns that can help with timing a fundraise.

Interestingly, March comes in third as the best month for decks viewed by investors, with an index value of 89, yet fundraisers don’t seem to send many decks in March, only 67% compared to October.

And while summer is often considered a poor season for fundraising, it’s not as unproductive as you might think. Indeed, in July and August decks are reviewed almost as much as in April, May and June.

In-depth with Freada Kapor Klein

Megan Rose Dickey had the opportunity to sit down with noted diversity and inclusion champion Freada Kapor Klein, who co-founded Kapor Capital and also Project Include. The two talk about a bunch of topics, including the current state of affairs in the tech industry, “the Founders’ Commitment,” and how to approach diversity from a comprehensive angle.