Tesla is turning its showrooms into arcades

Tesla might not engage in traditional advertising. That doesn’t mean the automaker isn’t keen on getting new customers and retaining the ones it already has.

Most of Tesla’s methods have focused on leveraging its existing customer base to attract new buyers. And that strategy has continued. This time, the company is turning its showrooms into arcades and inviting owners to bring their family and friends to try it out through June 30.

Tesla sent out an email earlier Tuesday with the promotion that invites people “to experience the new Tesla Arcade.” People who are interested are asked to RSVP to their local showrooms via this link.

The showroom promotion β€” and a video posted Tuesday on Twitter and Instagram showcasing its newest game, Beach Buggy Racing 2 β€” is part of a bigger push to draw attention to one of Tesla’s funner features β€” an arcade app. The app is a bundle of games that were first added last August via a software update. The initial games included Missile Command, Asteroids, Lunar Lander and Centipede.

The video games can be accessed through the touchscreen and played if the vehicle is in park. Games now include Atari Missile Command, Asteroid and kart-racing game Beach Buggy Racing 2, which started rolling out Tuesday.

Other games have been added since the initial rollout, including 2048 and Atari’s Super Breakout. The company has also created a new “toybox,” basically an easy-to-find location on the display where all the games are housed.

Todd Howard, the director of Bethesda Games, said last week in an interview with CEO Elon Musk at E3 that the company’s β€œFallout Shelter” game could be coming to Tesla displays.