Adobe’s new painting and drawing app will be called Adobe Fresco

Adobe’s upcoming drawing and painting app has an official name: Adobe Fresco. Inspired by the classic technique of applying pigment to wet plaster, the app is intended “to inspire spontaneous creativity.”

The app has been in development under the code name “Project Gemini” and debuted at Adobe’s Max conference in 2018. It will first be available as an iPad app and later for other devices that use touch and stylus inputs.

Fresco will replicate how real-world mediums such as watercolor and oil paints interact with surfaces and each other. These tools are called Live Brushes.

Artists also will be able to use Photoshop brushes such as those created by Kyle Webster (who was hired by Adobe in 2017). For vector enthusiasts, Fresco includes vector brushes to create infinitely scalable drawings in combination with the aforementioned pixel-based brushes.

The app will include layer, masking and selection tools. Files can be manipulated in Photoshop and exported to PDF for editing in Illustrator.

Adobe hasn’t said exactly when it’ll be released, but does say to expect it “soon.”