WordPress VIP Go sites are experiencing outages (yes, ours included)

You might have noticed something funny if you visited TechCrunch dot com this morning (aside from the usual dryly hilarious tech commentary, that is). Our site, along with others, was hit by a major issue to WordPress’s VIP Go platform. For now, you’ll have to settle for a potted plant in place of our normal elucidating commentary. At least the image is reasonably zen.

We, like the rest of the impacted sites, are investigating the issue at present. Though things appear to have resumed normal functionality (which is why you’re reading this on our site, instead of our Tumblr, where it was originally published).

The company offered a comment to TechCrunch this morning, noting, “We’re currently experiencing issues affecting sites hosted on the VIP Go platform. This is affecting multiple sites. Our team is working swiftly to resolve this across all affected sites.” Essentially the same thing it posted to its own service site this morning.

The issues are impacting other large sites as well, including 9to5 Mac, which noted that it has “reverted to default WordPress theme until the issue is resolved.” More details as we get them.