Tesla has a design for a submarine car just sitting around

Tesla wants to show off a prototype of an electric pickup this year and it’s working on bringing the Model Y and Class 8 semi truck into production.

But really, who cares about any of that, because Tesla apparently has a design for a submarine car just sitting around collecting dust.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned the electric submarine car in response to a question during the company’s annual shareholder’s meeting Tuesday in Mountain View, Calif. The shareholder asked whether Tesla had considered building an aquatic car, meaning a vehicle that could travel on roads, then transition into or under water.

It turns out a design exists for a submarine car, inspired by the Lotus Esprit featured in the James Bond film, “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

“I thought that was like the coolest thing,” Musk said, adding that he owns the vehicle from the movie.

Musk said it’s technically possible to make a functioning version, but added, “I think the market for this would be small — small, but enthusiastic.”

Building such a vehicle would be a distraction, Musk said. However, he left the opportunity open that maybe someday Tesla would make it a show car.