It’s Always Sunny meets Warcraft in Mythic Quest Apple TV+ trailer

He’s no Keanu, but Rob McElhenney’s pretty good as far as E3 cameos go. The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star hit the stage at Ubisoft’s presser this afternoon to show off a trailer from his upcoming ridiculously named Apple TV+ series, Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet.

The series was created by McElhenney and Sunny vets Charlie Day and Megan Ganz and produced by Ubisoft Film and Television — marking its first live-action series. Details are thin at the moment, but the series is a workplace comedy set in the offices of the publishers behind the massively successful World of Warcraft-style MMORPG, Mythic Quest.

From the looks of things, the series shares more in common with The Office than Sunny, shot in a mockumentary style. Though again, the trailer doesn’t really offer much to go on. More details have been promised soon.

Apple TV+, the company’s premium streaming service, is launching this fall.