iOS 13 will let you bypass the App Store download cap when on a cellular connection


Just a few days ago, Apple bumped up the limit on how big of an app you can download from the App Store while on a cellular connection, increasing it from 150MB to 200MB. As we noted at the time, it’s always seemed a bit silly that there was no way to acknowledge the file size and bypass the limit — to effectively say “Yeah, yeah, I know. Let me download it anyway.”

Looks like Apple agrees.

As spotted by 9to5Mac, iOS 13 (or, at least, the just-released developer beta version of iOS 13) gives you the option to download large apps over cellular should you choose to do so. Whether you’ve got the monthly bandwidth to spare or you just need a big ol’ monster app/update now (lack of WiFi be damned), iOS 13 seems much more willing to get out of your way.

A new screen in the settings menu reveals three options:

  • Always allow
  • Ask if over 200 MB
  • Ask first (prompting you to make sure you know you’re on a cell connection, even if the download is under 200 MB)

The prompt also offers to hold off a large download for now, automatically downloading it the next time you’re on WiFi.

iOS 13 shipped as a private developer beta today. The public beta is expected to roll out in July, with a full release sometime this fall.