Parrot’s latest drone targets professionals with a thermal camera

The last several years have seen an interesting pivot for Parrot, from Bluetooth headset/speakers to drones. The company’s ANAFI line is probably one of the best-positioned products to go head to head with DJI’s successful Mavic line, but the company’s looking to take things a bit further by moving beyond hobbyists/consumers.

The system’s primary differential from other products in the line is the inclusion of the titular thermal camera designed by Flir. The ANAFI Thermal is capable of capturing live images that layer thermal and high-res images.

With this technology, the French company is hoping to open up the drone offering to a wide range of fields that can use the technology for things like surveillance and inspection. The list of potential use cases include firefighters, solar panel inspections and building industry/construction workers, who can monitor things like insulation and thermal leakages in buildings.

The system also includes a 4K HDR camera with 21-megapixel sensor and 3x digital zoom, mounted on a gimbal that’s capable of tilting 90 degrees up and down. That last bit should also prove helpful for things like building inspections. The batteries, meanwhile, are slightly better than recent models, at 26 minutes per. The drone ships with three of them.

The ANAFI Thermal arrives next month, priced at $1,900.