Voyage CEO Oliver Cameron at TC Sessions: Mobility on July 10

Some of the first users of autonomous taxis are senior citizens living in a massive retirement community in Florida.

It’s there, in a 40-square-mile area known as The Villages, that autonomous driving startup Voyage has planted its flag. Once the door-to-door self-driving taxi service is fully operational, all 125,000 residents will have the ability to summon a self-driving car to their doorstep using the Voyage mobile app.

Voyage’s strategy to target retirement communities makes the startup, and its founders, stand out in a sea of emerging competitors. And now, TechCrunch is excited to announce an opportunity to gain insight into Voyage, its mission and plans for the future.

Co-founder and CEO of Voyage Oliver Cameron will participate in TechCrunch’s inaugural TC Sessions: Mobility, a one-day event on July 10, 2019 in San Jose, Calif., that is centered around the future of mobility and transportation.

Cameron previously led the autonomous vehicle, artificial intelligence and deep learning curriculum at Udacity. Voyage spun out of Udacity in 2017. Since then, Voyage has piloted its autonomous taxi services in two retirement communities, one in San Jose and another in Florida. And more will likely follow.

TC Sessions: Mobility will present a day of programming with the best and brightest founders, investors and technologists who are determined to invent a future Henry Ford might never have imagined. In case you missed it, Nuro co-founder and CEO Dave Ferguson was our first announced guest for TC Sessions: Mobility.

TC Sessions: Mobility aims to do more than highlight the next new thing. We’ll dig into the how and why, the cost and impact to cities, people and companies, as well as the numerous challenges that lie along the way, from technological and regulatory to capital and consumer pressures.

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