Wyze launches a $20 home sensor system for its $20 security cam

Wyze, they of the $20 home security camera, announced this morning the launch of a comparably priced home sensor system. The $20 Wyze Sense kit ships with a motion sensor, two contact sensors (to be mounted on doors or windows) and a bridge system that connects them to the aforementioned cheap camera.

The sensors are roughly the size of a quarter, according to the company, and send alerts to the connected app when something has moved. They also can be mounted to doors or a refrigerator to let you know when they’ve been left open.

The latest piece of Wyze’s growing budget home security ecosystem comes a couple of months after the Seattle-based company raised a $20 million Series A. In addition to the Cam and Sense, the company also sells a $30 Cam Pan, which is able to cover more ground than its $20 counterpart.

The Sense is up for pre-order now. It starts shipping May 8.